Another Book signing success?!

Just had some feedback from the Cheshire Flyers (Arclid) which I bored/entertained? last Monday night.  It helped a lot when folks managed to laugh in most of the right places!?

When in the bar before the meeting, I was chatting to someone who knew Jim the parachuting instructor at Halfpenny Green when I played at parachuting way back when and it was great to share some memories.

I really enjoyed doing the book signing events and both organisers suggested that perhaps I should do more of them… idea perhaps?

There is a review of the Alstonefield one at if you fancy a look?

Alstonefield Book Signing Extravaganza

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Alstonefield Book Signing Extravaganza Update

Well what a night!  The wine flowed freely as did the cheese, which no doubt helped my captive audience (doors and windows were locked to prevent escapees) to appreciate my reputedly slightly odd humour.

About 50 villagers were there, which represents a large proportion of the total residents and none of theme were fliers.  Bit of a challenge I thought, as Dunge Bottom is mainly about various forms of flying in the golden days of how not to do it!

Anyway they seemed to enjoy it with, with lots of laughs and a question and answer session at the end, with a prize of a small dry white wine for the best question, judged by our Vicar, Anne.  Obviously the organisers were worried about rigging/corruption etc.  Rife in our small rural communities.

The upshot was that I sold 22 copies, which is a conversion rate of about 54% (allowing that some folks there had actually already bought a copy.

Quite amazing, to me anyway as I am continually surprised by the reaction to Dunge Bottom as can be seem by looking at the reviews on Amazon and receiving some lovely e mails and letters.

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Book Signing

Hello Peeps,

I have been pestered by the organiser to let everyone know that we are holding a book signing extravaganza at Alstonefield Village Hall on the evening of the 8th. of July at 7-30pm.  There is also a second hand book stall and CD sale along with cheese and wine as well as a bit of a chat from me about Dunge Bottom.  All are welcome naturally and proceeds of the evening are split between Wetton and Alstonefield Community First Responders and the Village Hall.

Hope to see you there!

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“Los Buitres” weapons of mass destruction

A group of adventurers from the Peak Hang Gliding Club decided to go on a hang gliding holiday to Spain, Ager, to be precise which is a huge mountain range to the north-west of Barcelona. There were about half a dozen of them that made the long road trip during early April with ever mounting excitement and tension as they slowly neared their destination. Arriving early evening at the local campsite they wasted no time in sourcing local pilots to try to learn the tricks about flying this new mountain. They were only there for a week and did not intend to waste a single moment. Language was proving a little difficult as the locals English was poor and our adventurers Spanish was appalling The advice they received was the normal kind, ie., the best bars, landing fields, take off areas, best take off times etc., All very normal except the locals kept warning them repeatedly about ……….”los buitres”. Despite their best efforts this phrase remained an elusive mystery. Nursing gentle hang overs from the heavily imbued cheap Rioja enjoyed during the evenings revelries our pioneers made it up to the top launch area of the mountain, to be faced by the huge drop and the vastness of the land in front of them, thermals were already in evidence, so hurried rigging of the gliders was in order. In short order, one by one of the club fliers took off and easily found the strong thermic lift in front of the valley. They quickly settled down in the brilliant flying conditions, starting to relax and enjoy this new experience. One or two drifted off towards a more forested part of the mountain and were confused by what they took to be fleeting shadows that passed over their wings. They quickly put this to the back of their minds as the thermals began to demand more effort to stay within the strongest core. Completely out of the blue and with a deafening sound, accompanied by a huge shaking of the glider, a great greeny black slimy substance had hit the sail of their gliders. It was then repeated, bloody hell what was happening? The pilots decided discretion being the better part of valour ran towards the landing fields and sanctuary. After they had safely landed they realised what “los buitres” were. For they had been dive bombed by Griffon Vultures, who’s bomb load was approx  2 kilos of guano.

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Humble Apologies

Sorry that my postings have been a little thin over the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been side tracked somewhat by the book launch.

I promise to start more regular postings again very soon, so please keep checking back.

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Dunge Bottom

Hi,  just  a bit of an update for you about the international best seller (yes really) Dunge Bottom.

It appears that those who have ordered it from Amazon may have been told of unspecified delays in delivery times.  This is in my mind unacceptable so I have had speaks with Matt, the publisher and he has agreed to do a special deal for UK customers who buy straight from him, namely free post and packing.  This will ensure that there are no delays.

So his contact details are:

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Alan Stafford

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Alan Stafford who passed away on the 13th, April, whilst in the Derby Royal Hospital.

Alan was one of the founding members of the Peak Hang Gliding club and was very helpful to me when I started in late 1974.  He was a real Peter Pan type character whose unbounded enthusiasm for all things flying remained with him to the end.  He was one of the most naturally gifted pilots I have ever met and enjoyed hang gliding, microlighting, paragliding, gliding and powered flying. 

He will be sorely missed by the many friends that knew him.

My sincere condolences go out to Margaret and all his family, in this saddest of times.

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